Khoshbakhti Village
During the nineteen eighties, Iran suffered under the turmoil of the revolution as well as under the Iran-Iraq War. Shortly after the bombardments of Tehran started, a village was founded in a remote valley, far from the beleaguered capital. The new settlement was named Khosbakhti Village: Village of Happiness.

The founder of the village was Mr. Tousi, a
Tehran lawyer of about 40 years old. He envisaged, in these times in which many inhabitants left the cities for the safer
countryside, to create a place of joy and happiness. By giving his village the name “Happiness”, he was convinced that
happiness was now attainable for everybody.

This film tells the story of Mr. Tousi and his
‘Village of Happiness’. We observe the
community as it functions today, and follow
the inhabitants in their pursuit of happiness.

Does not everybody desires for happiness? But, what is happiness? And how is happiness to be achieved? Mr. Tousi is convinced he has the answer, and shows us his ‘Village of Happiness’.

Shot in 2010 on video and 8mm. Length 47 minutes
Funded by the Fonds BKVB